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Last Love

16 mm, 18 min., Color, 2017

Director and cameraman - Dmitry Frolov
The film stars actors: Natalia Surkova, Vladimir Zolotar'
Voice-over - Leonid Mozgovoy
Music of Sergey Oskolkov

The musical and poetic composition «O my prophetic soul» on the verses of Fedor Ivanovich Tyutchev for the Reader, Pianist and String Orchestra of the composer Sergei Aleksandrovich Oskolkov served as a sound basis for the philosophical parable about the Love of the human and divine, about the cycle of life, about the decline of civilization, That the latter will be the first. The film is shot as a dream, and the use of the aesthetic series of experimental cinema only emphasizes this state. The universal sound gives him the poetry of Fedor Tyutchev (1803-1873), deeply played by Leonid Mozgov behind the scenes. The young actors Natalya Surkova and Vladimir Zolotar, who existed in the frame, had a difficult task to show the first people not burdened with the intellectual work of subsequent generations. It was necessary to abandon today's problems and try to imagine themselves as original people, and then immediately move to the very end of time. The plot begins with them and ends with humanity. This author wanted to show continuity: the first love and the supposed last is an indivisible whole of one eternal Love.

The story of Adam and Eve

     Adam and Eve - the first people on Earth begins in the Garden of Eden. When the creation of the world was completed, the Lord placed them in a country called Eden. Here the Lord planted a garden of unparalleled beauty, called Paradise. The Bible says that the Garden of Eden is "in the east" and through it flows a river that divides into four rivers: Pison, Tikhon, Tiger and Euphrates. The mention of the Tigris and the Euphrates - the really existing rivers, and the two vanished contributed to the emergence of different opinions about the location of the Garden of Eden. There are suggestions that he is in Africa, others suggest that in Syria, in Mesopotamia, in the Caucasus or on the island of Ceylon. However, these are only assumptions. Paradise, which once housed the first people, was hidden from the eyes of a man immediately after his fall, and in the Christian tradition is associated not with the real terrain, but with Paradise in Heaven - the abode of Almighty God.
     In the Garden of Eden a great many trees grew, but two of them stood out: the tree of life (giving eternal life) and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God said to Adam, "From every tree in the garden you will eat, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, do not eat from it, for on the day you eat from it, you die." Adam and his wife lived happily and serenely in the Garden of Eden, knowing neither sickness nor spiritual suffering. But Satan, the leader of evil spirits and the enemy of God, also hated man, and therefore decided to break their blissful existence, and, in the end, destroy all of humanity. Entering the serpent and appearing before the woman in this guise, he asked: "Did God really say: do not eat from any tree in Paradise?" Eve replied that God allowed them to eat fruits from all trees, except the tree of knowledge of good and evil, otherwise they would die with Adam. The serpent, using her inexperience and curiosity, assured her that the fruits of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are not at all fatal, saying: "God knows that on the day you eat them, your eyes will open, and you will be like Gods knowing good and evil". It was an outright lie, but a naive woman believed an evil spirit. She saw "that the tree is good for food, and that it is pleasant to the eyes and coveted, because it gives knowledge, and took its fruit and ate, and gave it also to her husband, and he ate." The Bible does not mention that the fruit grew on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but it is traditionally believed that these were apples.
     Thus, the "first sin" entered the life of the first people, distorting the true, godlike nature of man. People disobeyed God, not guessing what terrible consequences this will lead to. According to Christian teaching, original sin gravitates over all people, and you can be freed from it only by repenting of your sins and being baptized. After tasting the forbidden fruit, Adam and his wife began to discern good and evil. Until then, they had walked naked, not thinking about whether it was good or bad, but now they realized their nakedness, and made themselves "girdles" from the leaves of the fig tree. Soon, God came to walk in the garden of Eden "during the cool of the day." Adam and his wife, not wanting to meet his eyes, hid among the trees. God turned to Adam: "Adam, where are you?" The same one answered from behind the trees: "I heard your voice in heaven, and I was afraid, because I was naked, and disappeared." Then the Lord asked: "Who told you that you were naked? Did you not eat from the tree from which I forbade you to eat?" Adam, instead of repenting of his sin, tried to lay the blame on his wife: "The wife you gave me, she gave me a tree, and I ate." And the woman answered: "The serpent deceived me, and I ate."
     God, of course, could not leave everything in the same state, and made a harsh, but necessary decision. The serpent (as a creature that Satan used) was now supposed to crawl on the belly, the woman - in torment to bear children and submit to her husband, Adam - in the sweat of his face to get his bread. In addition, Adam and his wife could no longer remain in the Garden of Eden, they were told to leave him so that they could not partake of the fruits of the tree of life and did not live forever. And at the gates of the garden of Eden, the Lord set a cherubim and a fiery sword in play.
     The history of Adam and Eve, and with them and all of humanity, could and should have gone in a completely different direction. If they resisted the lies that came to them from the depths of hell, they would never lose their bliss. It would seem that Satan (the devil) managed to carry out his insidious plan, which ended with the expulsion of the first people from Paradise. Satan hated God, and knowing that the Lord greatly loved people, he decided to take revenge on Him through them. Realizing that sin leads to eternal perdition, loss of immortality and bliss, the evil spirit managed to seduce people. However, this was a temporary apparent victory of Satan, since the Lord had already foreseen the salvation of mankind. Turning to the serpent, God pronounces the words addressed to Satan: "... I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; It will strike you in the head, and you will sting him in the heel "(Genesis 3:15). It was a prophetic word that spoke of the future salvation of mankind through the Savior of the world, who, after thousands of years, will come to the world as a man, and fight with Satan in the name of all mankind. In spite of all the sufferings that Satan will try to inflict on the Savior, He will destroy the deeds of Satan and, ultimately, Satan himself (who will forever be condemned in the fiery lake), and the people who believe in Him will be saved, resurrected from the dead and eternal Life, having opened for them a Paradise in Heaven. Thus, the first people, although they were expelled from Paradise (for the love of the Lord did not allow them to become eternally living sinners like evil spirits), but they immediately received hope for salvation in the future. Then Adam called his wife's name Eve ("life"), because she became the mother of all living. " This name reflected Adam's deep faith in God and the symbol of the bright hope of the first people for his Savior Christ.

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