Frame from the film MOONLIGHT PEOPLE. Frame from the film MOONLIGHT PEOPLE. Frame from the film MOONLIGHT PEOPLE. Frame from the film MOONLIGHT PEOPLE

Frame from the film MOONLIGHT PEOPLE. Frame from the film MOONLIGHT PEOPLE. Frame from the film MOONLIGHT PEOPLE. Frame from the film MOONLIGHT PEOPLE

Moonlight People

16 mm, 15 min., b&w, 2019

Director and cameraman - Dmitry Frolov

The film stars actors: Natalia Surkova, Vladimir Zolotar' , Yuri Yadrovsky,
Darya Alymova, Sergey Hotel, Dmitry Shibanov , Dmitry Ignatov,
Alexey Shuvalov, Oriza Triznyak

Music Alexander Scriabin

          Two completely traditional couples of lovers on a warm summer night make a kind of coming-out in front of each other, telling about their hidden impulses from a previous life.
          The impetus to making the film was the book of the same name by the Russian religious philosopher Vasily Rozanov, who died 100 years ago. His treatise was devoted to the study of sexuality and its denial in Christianity.
            The film was made in the style of experimental films of the 1920s with a non-linear narrative full of strange surrealistic images. He is black and white and devoid of dialogue. The image is based on the music of Alexander Scriabin "The Poem of Ecstasy", composed and performed also at the beginning of the 20th century.
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· OtherMovie 8th Lugano Film Festival, Lugano, Switzerland, April 14, 2019; Official Selection and The closing film of the festival
· ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival, Shanghai, China, June 9, 2019, Finalist
· Lisbon Film Rendezvous, Lisbon, Portugal, September 13, 2019, Finalist
· Buenos Aires International Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 4, 2019, Best Poster
· Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, November 13, 2019, Turkey Premiere, Finalist, The Best Fresh Air Award
· AltFF Alternative Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, December 9, 2019, Semi-Finalist
· Best experimental film at 12 Months Film Festival, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, November 2019
· Best experimental film at Short Cine Fest, March, 2020
· GRAND JURY AWARD at Dreamanila International Film Festival, May, 2020
· FINALIST at Prague International Monthly Film Festival, Prague, Czechia, July, 2020
· Award-Winner on Madrid Film Awards, Madrid, Spain, July, 2020
· Best Cinematography, Varese International Film Festival, Varese, Italy, July, 2020
· Special Mention, Monthly Indie Shorts, July, 2020
· Semi-Finalist, Best Director Award, August, 2020
· Best experimental film at Brazil International Monthly Film Festival, September, 2020
· Special Mention, Madras Independent Film Festival, Chennai, India, October, 2020
· 'Best Experimental Short', 'Best Director Short', Global Monthly Online Film Competition, October, 2020
· NOMINATED: - Best Production Design of Short Film - Best Cinematography of Short Film - Best Director of Short Film - Best Poster of Short Film - Best Sound Design/Mix of Short Film - Best Editing of Short Film - Best Short Film; WINNERS - - BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY OF SHORT FILM - BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN OF SHORT FILM - BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM, GIMFA - Gralha International Monthly Film Awards, Curitiba, Brazil, November, 2020
· Best Experimental Short Film - SPECIAL MENTION; Festival Internacional de Cine Silente, Puebla, Mexico, November, 2020
· FINALIST, The Flight Deck Film Festival, New York, United States, December, 2020
· FINALIST, Scream Queer - Eros and Thanatos, Rome, Italy, January, 2021

From the book " Moonlight People "

          I should have in the 1st edition of the book tell the cases of « moonlight » which I had to meet in my life. So, you collect scrupulously information from books, and you forget what you saw yourself.

          1) A case in a gymnasium, in 7th and 8th grade. In the 7th grade, I stayed for the 2nd year and here I entered the circle of a new partnership, “overtaken me” » (bottom) Between them there was one whom I would call N. Family: the mother is the widow of the professor; she has three sons, everyone studied excellently, with a vocation: one to math, the other to music, the third to philology, to folk art, and so on. Average, a musician, and was my friend. Like his brothers, he was healthy and strong somewhat more than « we all » ;. Mustache and beard made their way slightly. The growth is good, the skin is white, never sick of anything. Perhaps, with a very persistent peering, one would have noticed the slightest touch of femininity in him. Silent, solid, thoughtful; always on the sly (under the desk) wrote a note paper (composition).

          He gave me - and in general in the closest circle of his comrades he didn’t hide from anyone - that always, when he can, that is, almost every day, after lunch, he went to the gymnasium student 3- class, a little white and pretty boy, extremely serious and developed (for his class), terribly silent and almost sullen. « What are you doing? » - “Nothing. We sit and be silent » ;. - « ridiculous » ;. He shrugged. We were all children to this extent in this respect, that it never occurred to anyone to call it “love” » or "love", whereas in reality there was, of course, that feeling. It seems, since I saw them on a date. Both of them are not verbal at all, and they didn’t speak here either, except for mumbling one another with something insignificant. But I don’t remember that, but I’m surely remember the following, because with friends I giggled about it: in the church where we were all ”led” my friend was standing a little behind “that boy” and he did not look up looked at him. "That boy", maybe it was a little embarrassing, but not much. It seems that he himself did not experience this feeling, but he could be proud of the friendship of a talented and in the whole gymnasium a very appreciated (for success and music) high school student of the 7th grade. « Friendship » lasted all the time until the end of the course, i.e. two years. Then it seems that all this has disappeared. After 18 years I met a musician. Now he was a composer; married; his very beautiful wife fed the child. « Everything was fixed ».

          Beyond any names, concepts, etc., this was undoubtedly the case of Plato's παιδχά » ;. Unfortunately, like all similar facts, he disappeared for science, without memories, without descriptions. I will add that this young man (as well as his brothers) was absolutely chaste, did not know women until maturity, and not a single “scabrous” » the words (as often among high-school students) I not only didn’t hear from him, but I couldn’t even imagine this. ”

          It seems he never kissed a boy (it never entered his head); and the greatest thing that happened was physical, except for the “non-breaking sight” » - touching the hand to the hand, holding the hand in one's own (during parting). But there was absolutely nothing more of a physical body, no matter how you are, no jokes, games.

          2) A teacher at a higher education institution who is single, lives in the same apartment with two sisters, being bound by a "spiritual marriage" » with one. Another sister is Urning. Whether the urning and this first, « living » ;, is difficult to say. All three are on « you » ;. All three connected, each with a little over 24 years. With sister in connection » I spoke: « Why no children? » She replied:
          « Here is another basis. And the root is different - and the whole trunk is different. It would be copulation - children would be born, children would be born - the household would be required. But from the very beginning of the rapprochement, our family was excluded as an opportunity and need. I don’t need it as much as he »

          The bedrooms are different, although without any between them « obstacles » or « offices » ;. Copulation is not, and no one (many friends, acquaintances, relatives) is supposed to be. It is clear to everyone that they are "husband and wife" and so is "not a husband or wife". Matrimony, as it were, was completed and focused on the degree of close spiritual connection, close spiritual unity, community of life, life, atmosphere, movements; hearing each other’s words, each other’s gaits, the rustling of a dress; no one (from near) would have condemned if they copulated, but the desire of this is clearly excluded. However, caresses, kisses, hugs and, perhaps, something more, closer - there is; but what exactly is impossible to say. Fertilization is not.

          Wallpapers or, more precisely, all three are very developed, talented, always active, everyone constantly reads and is busy. All three love art and love the spiritual life, religious life.

          3) I was visited 6 years ago by a young man finishing a course in a military school (in artillery) to talk about religious issues » and ask about Khomyakov and Slavophiles in general. Surprised by the incompatibility with the military sciences, I, however, answered. Since then, we do not often see each other. Appearance: very strong; by skin color - like "blood is poured". Muscular Growth is small. He told me that his church life most of all entails, and the mind is occupied by the subjects of theology and moral. But about this - in the judgments of enormous hardness, military hardness. Nothing friable, "lamentable", Indian. Nothing sentimental, sugary. Year 2 ½ ago he married, “out of deep respect for the girl who wasn’t understood at home (her stepfather and her mother), and sometimes they were rudely treated.” In general, she "lived hard", and "the girl she is beautiful". He told me, however, with embarrassment, sorrow and anger at himself, that « not the husband of his wife » and afraid that it will remain so. “I love her endlessly like a sister, but I don’t feel anything like a woman.” “There is no eagerness at all.” ... Meanwhile, he, reading my articles about marriage, deeply imbued with awe and delight for the biblical and multi-fruited family. « But - no case » ;. Words and thoughts are, « deeds » - does not exceed. I wanted to see his wife too: tall, beautiful, she had something indignant in herself (she was silent), in the expression of her face and figure. « Well, no, what can you do? » ;. Through 2 ½ year everything goes on “no”, and he told me that his wife had come to terms with it, deeply loving and respecting him, as he endlessly honors and loves her like a brother and friend.

          « Abnormal » There is no relationship, no doubt. The health of both is blooming. Growth, strength - all flourishing (both). This is a "spiritual marriage" » ancient Christians, without the slightest ideological desire for it, with full ideological sympathy for a fertile and full family.