Lumiere's The Arrival Of A Train in Russian.

Director - Dmitri Frolov

Cast: Oriza Trizn'ak, Natalya Sourkova, Nikolay Mouraviev, Dmitri Shibanov, Peter Kremis, Vladimir Ignatyev, Alexandr Pavlov, Vladimir Zolotar' etc.

So, here comes the long-waited train to our station. We`ve been waiting for him for more then a century, hoping for free desicion of old, as cinemathography itself, theme. During that time the world`s been changing, TV grown up, virtual art started to cry in its crible, & the train were coming & coming. While raining, we were dancing rumba & felt a terrible jealousy to old Lumiers. They, pioners, could easy found themes & decisions. And we? What`s the fate of our missed generation? Everything has been already shooted. Everything! Even that, for what normal man wouldn`t give a piece of film. So what we had to do? Dance rumba! Besides, right on the station, under the rain falling down. Because everyone should be glad & all "classic" fears should be lost. Oldmans waited the train to shoot its coming for the first time, & we also will wait & shoot. Why not? The cinema started with train, we ourselves started with cinema (I mean art birth), so that`s why we had a complete right for some liberties. At last, who quilts we are not like other, normal passangeers & even wears different clothes? Not only family & school, but cinema coryphaeuses too. They shooted people in much mure extraordinary clothes. And what about passangeers - they are consumers. They are really not same as we are, because have a clear knowledge where art finishes & life starts. So that`s why we shoot the train`s coming again, while passangeers walking around. But suddenly here comes an angry male with the face of degenerate, & everething really stops. Because angry males don`t care about development of wotld cinemathography. Maybe, we all died, & felt no pain nor fear. Any case, not such terrible as first seance on Caputines bvd.

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